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Fakes: An Anthology of Pseudo-interviews, Faux Lectures, Quasi-Letters, Found Texts, and Other Fraudulent Artifacts

Norton. Ed: David Shields

A Book of Uncommon Prayer

Outpost 19. Ed. Matthew Vollmer

 Water's Edge

Taylor & O'Neill. Ed: Anastasia Faunce



When I began, excitedly, to find the secret treasures of an unprepossessing part of the Lorraine with Mieke Eerkens...I felt I was touching a part of the world, and of experience, that I hadn't known was there...The travel writer shines a light on something we never thought to look at-- gray, moss-covered churches, and gray, moss-covered cemeteries, and gray, moss-covered monuments, in Mieke Eerkens's beautiful essay-- and then the light comes on in our eyes too, and we can see its hidden beauty.


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Praise for All Ships Follow Me:

"A thrilling, brilliantly told, briskly paced adventure story...a book you'll read in one sitting but will be haunted by for years to come." -Kerry Howley 

"Provocative and beautiful" - John D'Agata

"Lyric, meditative, and deeply reported, this is an essential book" -Jennifer Percy 


"A remarkable and unique portrait of intergenerational family trauma" -Robin Hemley 

"Deeply moving and brilliantly written" -Pop Matters

"Honest, unflinching, reflective, and carefully researched" -Book Riot

"A war memoir that reads as hauntingly and movingly as a novel" -Historical Novel Society

The experimental piece listed under the title of “Pushing the Boundaries: Experiments in Nonfiction” is by Mieke Eerkens. I love it I love it I love it. It is unique and incredibly well-written and I didn't want it to end. 


the Review Review

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With the late Denis Johnson.
Photo: Rachel Yoder

With Geoff Dyer, election day 2012. Photo: Thessaly LaForce

In The Press


I was born in Los Angeles, California to Dutch parents and have spent my life in hyphenation. I consider myself lucky to have dual citizenship and have a unique understanding of both cultures. Perhaps because of this sense of being a "citizen of the world", I have spent my life exploring and learning in many corners of the planet, from drama school in London (Mountview) to running away with the circus in New York (Cirque du Soleil and Big Apple Circus.) I have lived in Greece and Amsterdam at various times, spent a decade in the San Francisco Bay Area where I got my BA in English, got an MA in English Literature in Leiden, and made the move to Iowa City for a position at the University of Iowa's MFA program in Creative Writing in 2011. I now divide my time between Amsterdam and California.

I believe that language is a boundless medium for creative expression. A passionate observer of the human condition, I believe in using personal narratives to communicate universal truths for all of us. 



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For publishing inquiries, please contact agent Sarah Levitt at Aevitas Creative Management:

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To book U.S. speaking engagements/events, please contact Christie Hinrichs at Authors Unbound: 

(541) 797-2217

To book Netherlands speaking engagements/events, please contact De Schrijvers Centrale: 

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